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About us

Traditional costume of Schoenwald Black Forest
Traditional costume of Schoenwald
Memorial of Franz Ketterer Schoenwald
Memorial of Franz Ketterer Schoenwald

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The Black Forest and its Cuckoo Clocks are world famous. In the year 1737, the first Cuckoo Clock was developped by Franz Ketterer, a clockmaker in our city Schoenwald in the Black Forest. With the style and design, plus the affectionately and detailed wood-carvings; the system of the call of the cuckoo and also the mechanical clock movement are maintained to this day. The unique styles have made the Cuckoo Clock a timeless design.

Installation of the movement and cuckoo call technical details

Our Cuckoo Clocks are only made with the robust rackstrike movement. This movement allows turning the hands left and right without endangering the mechanics of the movement.

Detailed decoration of the clocks

All our clocks are meticulously inspected for the running and accuracy, In this way, we have the best guarantee for impeccable and reliable function. The wood-carvings we use are made in the Black Forest - without exeption. We prefer to use clock parts coming from the area around Schoenwald.

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