Unusual Luxury Gifts to Buy Your Friends

Unusual Luxury Gifts to Buy Your Friends

If you are looking for that perfect gift for the special someone in your life who loves a bit of luxury, we can help. Why not consider unusual luxury gifts for them this year instead of the latest unoriginal trend? We have a number of items handcrafted in Germany that would please any of your friends and family. Give a gift that will surprise them this year with our suggestions below.

Unusual Luxury Gifts to Buy Your Friends

A Classic Cuckoo Clock

If you are gift hunting for a more mature family member or friend, consider getting them a classic style cuckoo clock. This gift is especially good for anyone you know who loves Germany or has German roots. You can choose from several styles - clocks with music, clocks with music and moving parts, or ones that simply "cuckoo" on the half-hour and hour.

Cuckoo clocks either have a one-day or eight-day running time. This simply means you have to "wind" up the clock once a day or once a week. You do this by pulling on the chains, so the weights move back to the top of the clock. Many have a night shut off mode, and all our clocks come with at least a two-year warranty. These timeless pieces of functional art are fun for the whole family and will be a gift they'll love for a lifetime.

For the Wine Lover

If you are attending a party and typically bring wine, present the host with a stainless steel wine cooler that they will love, along with a wine stopper or pourer topped with a Capricorn or deer. These elegant gifts will be appreciated and loved by any wine connoisseur. And remember to drink responsibly.

For the Beer Drinker

If you have someone obsessed with beer who you need to get a gift for, how about a real German beer stein? These are so cool and come in a variety of styles and designs. At the more affordable end, we have .5 liter glass steins with several emblem options, such as a German eagle, wild boar, deer, or a ship. For the most luxurious option, we have a two-liter tankard handcrafted in Kannenbaeckerland, which is the German pottery and beer stein center. It features an image for each month of the year with wheat farmers, making beer, and beer maids having a good time.

A Modern Cuckoo Clock

Some people are not into the classic looking cuckoo clocks, or they might not go with their interior design style. For these people, consider getting a modern cuckoo clock. They come in sleek solid colors like red, black, or green and many shapes and sizes. This black and white cuckoo clock from AMS is battery operated, so there is no need to wind it. The batteries last about a year, so it's a great investment for a friend interested in interior design.

We hope these luxury gift ideas give you some great inspiration for that special someone in your life.


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