Erzgebirge Wooden Crafts in Germany


One of the most loved handmade creations from Germany is the cuckoo clock, but the wooden handicrafts from Erzgebirge are definitely next on the list — the most famous being the traditional wooden nutcracker.

A Brief History of Erzgebirge Wooden Crafts

The German word Erzgebirge refers to the Ore Mountains, a mining region in southeast Germany located across Saxony to Czechia. The Erzgebirge holds an important place in history because the mining of tin ore and precious metals began here in the 12th century. It was where most of the silver, along with several different metals, was mined in Europe in the 14th century. Since mining was not always a viable income source, miners began woodworking in the late 1700s to survive. And this is how the folk art of Erzgebirge began.

What Are the Different Types of Erzgebirge Wooden Crafts?


We carry several classic Erzgebirge wooden crafts — nutcrackers, incense smokers, candle holders, bunny figurines, Christmas angels and pyramids with different traditional scenes and candles, music boxes, and more. You may have seen these handicrafts for sale at Christmas markets around the world and in souvenir shops across Germany. Below are the most popular on our website.

Easter Bunnies — With the Easter holidays right around the corner, you may be looking for an interesting and unique gift to give to your children or grandchildren. Many Easter traditions originated in Germany, so wooden Easter bunny figurines are associated with springtime and fertility.

Christmas Pyramid — Every German house has a Christmas pyramid displaying different scenes like the nativity, angels, wise men, Santa, carolers, village life, church scenes, snowmen, or animals and forest scenes. The figurines are on a carousel that rotates either by the heat of the candles that surround the figures or electrical motors. We have over 150 styles of Christmas pyramids to choose from, so add one to your Christmas decorations this year.

Candle Arch — Similar to the pyramid, the candle arch displays scenes of everyday life, the nativity, Christmas traditions, religious scenes, animals, or historical cityscapes. An arch of candles goes over the decoration, but many are lit with electricity now. These make a gorgeous addition to your home decor or Christmas decorations.

Nutcracker — The nutcracker was first created around 1870 and is probably the most famous wooden craft from the Ore Mountains. They come in a variety of colors and different heights. Even if you don’t use it to crack nuts, it makes for a great gift and lovely decoration around Christmas time.

Visit our website to see our full selection of Erzgebirge wooden ornaments and handicrafts.

Why Are Erzgebirge Wooden Crafts So Special?

Erzgebirge is world-famous for handmade wooden products that keep the artisan tradition alive. Each piece is made by hand, from the detailed carving to the painting and assembling of the figurines. There is a vocational school in Seiffen, Erzgebirge, where you can learn wooden toymaking, from design to construction. You can also visit workshops all over the region to see how these beautiful crafts are made.

Make Sure Your Wooden Ornament Is Certified

The Erzgebirgische Volkskunst association includes manufacturers following the traditional methods of craftsmanship for making these wooden crafts, which supports tradesmen in learning the art of woodworking. Look for the trademark symbol “Echt Erzgebirge-Holzkunst mit Herz” on the product to make sure it’s not an imitation. This helps support the continued craftsmanship of handmade wooden crafts.

We take pride in having beautiful ornaments, bunny figurines, Christmas pyramids, and more from the craftsmen of Erzgebirge. No matter which one you choose from our website, the whole family will enjoy a timeless piece of German history for years to come.


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