ZO 1746/9913
ZO 1746/9913
ZO 1746/9913

German Beer Stein Germany 0.5 liter tankard, yellow, with ptd. pewter lid and pewter eagle, beer mug ZO 1746/9913

Artikel: ZO 1746/9913
German Beer steins
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Zöller & Born

Manufacturer Zöller & Born
Weight gross:2 kg
Height:30 cm/11.8 inch
Width:11 cm/4.3 inch
Depth:11 cm/4.3 inch
Zöller & Born

The family owndes company Zoeller & Born GmbH was founded in 1956 by Alois Zoeller and Werner Born. It employs 50 people. The company ships its Beer Steins and Beer Mugs worldwide. Made in Germany is here an obligation. Zoeller & Born provides as German manufacturer of classic souvenirs a high quality fro its Beer Steins. The entire development and production of each Beer Stein model - from design - artistic design to hand-painted design - takes place in the house Zoeller & Born.

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