31 day running time

Modern clock with 31 day running time from Hermle

Item: HE 70961-740761
31 day running time
Colour: Black
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Hermle Uhrenmanufaktur made a beautiful, timeless, precision long case clock, a masterpiece for upscale ambience. The hand polished black finish case with real metal inlays in classic design is equipped with the highest quality clock movement, which has to be wound up only once a month. The power reserve during winding keeps constant power to the movement for highest accuracy. The precision movement has 6 ball bearings in the gear system, 2 ruby bushings are used for the third wheel, escape wheel and anchor. The solid graham anchor has 2 rubin pallets. The true second indication will be managed by a 60 step wheel. For highest accuracy we also use a carbon pendulum stick with the famous “Huygen’scher Läufer” in a combination with a double cylinder pendulum. Mechanical cable-driven movement, precision movement, 31 days power reserve, pendulum, second hand feature.

Manufacturer Hermle
Weight gross:20 kg
Height:133 cm/52.4 inch
Width:30.5 cm/12.0 inch
Depth:19 cm/7.5 inch

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