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Cuckoo Clock of the year 2017
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Item: 5.8879.01.P
Clocks of the year
Colour: Walnut
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August Schwer

VDS-Certificate This cuckoo clock has an exclusive life-like wooden handpainted cuckoo. With certificate of authenticity from the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS). It has a mechanical extreme long-life rack strike movement. The 8 day running time movement need to be wind up once a week, that means you pull on the chains until the weights are up. It allows turning the hands left and right without endangering the mechanics of the movement. The music box is from the marketleader REUGE in switzerland. The size refers only to the clock, without pendulum and weights.
The music movement has two melodies and 36 voices.
The melodies change every hour from the Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss.
Wooden dial and hands, nice-carved bird, night shut off,
old made brown chains, door of the bird is made with
an metal hinge, case with handmade shingles,
extra deep carvings.
Old traditional tavern from the 1920s with scenery of a Saturday evening. Carter brings supplies with new barrels of beer, waitress Birgit gives out. The farmers in the area meet for a drink. The village youth enjoys the dance.
5 years product warranty

Manufacturer August Schwer
Weight net:11.2 kg
Weight gross:18 kg
Height:70 cm/27.6 inch
Width:58 cm/22.8 inch
Depth:29 cm/11.4 inch
Tunes Happy wanderer and Edelweiss - The melodies change every hour between the Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss.
Movement Regula - The cuckoo clock has a mechanical REGULA movement from the marketleader SBS-FEINTECHNIK in the Black Forest/Germany.
August Schwer

The Company August Schwer was founded in 1885 from Mr. August Schwer. His clocks became well known in many regions of the world within a short time. So August Schwer started the production in series. In the year 2000 the company was taken over by Andy Winter. Mr. Winter has worked for many years at August Schwer and knows the company and ist products very well. In the following years Mr. Winter succeeded many times in the annual competition Cuckoo Clock of the Year. The cuckoo clocks from August Schwer are characterized by their affectionate decoration and high quality.

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