German Beer steins
Crystal German beer steins

Crystal German Beer Stein 0.5 liter tankard, beer mug, black, pewter foot on Wolf paws and Howling Wolflid

Item: KI 6004/SZFWW
Crystal German beer steins
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This beerstein is handmade in the Kannenbaeckerland, the German pottery and beerstein center.
Made in Germany.

Manufacturer King
Weight gross:3 kg
Height:33 cm/13.0 inch
Width:13 cm/5.1 inch
Depth:16 cm/6.3 inch

The company King Werk Würfel & Müller GmbH & Co. KG is located in the german Kannenbäckerland (Westerwald). The beer steins from King, or also called beer mugs, are characterized by their quality craftsmanship and the attention to details.

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