German Beer steins
German Beer steins

German Beer Stein, wild duck, 0.5 liter tankard, beer mug by Artina

Item: AR 93394
German Beer steins
Capacity: 0.5 liter Collection: Tin and glass
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This beerstein is handmade in the Kannenbaeckerland, the German pottery and beerstein center.
Made in Germany.

Manufacturer Artina
Weight gross:0.83 kg
Height:19 cm/7.5 inch
Width:9.7 cm/3.8 inch
Depth:9.7 cm/3.8 inch

From the latin ARS – the ART and TIN – (pewter) stems the name of the Company. Craftsmanship made of pewter. This is the claim of the company: Traditional craftsmanship combined with the classic material tin. In 1974, the company was founded in Kirchham, Austria. For 40 years they have been engaged in objects of art, design, casting, procedure - everything around the subject pewter and its processing. ARTINA is the world´s only producer, who has mastered all kinds of manufacturing and processing methods for pewter, while developing engravings that are unmatched in terms of depth and quality. Today ARTINA is the leading manufacturer of pewter and in possession of a priceless collection of moulds from decades of development and revitalization of originals. Experience and love for the material and craft create special and unique items with character.

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