German Beer steins
German Beer steins

German Beer Stein grey Bavaria Stein, 0.5 liter tankard, beer mug KI 393-SG 0,5L Bayern.

Item: KI 393-SG 0,5L Bayern
German Beer steins
State Coat of Arms in centre panel, flanked by views of Munich and Neuschwanstein Castle, State Motto: translated God with you, Land of the Bavarians.
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This beerstein is handmade in the Kannenbaeckerland, the German pottery and beerstein center.
Made in Germany.

Manufacturer King
Weight gross:2.5 kg
Height:26 cm/10.2 inch
Width:10.5 cm/4.1 inch
Depth:13 cm/5.1 inch
Origin Made in Germany

Located in the German region of Westerwald, the beer steins from King are known for breathing new life into historic designs, recreated using authentic moulds. So if you're looking for a taste of German history and culture, look no further than the impeccable quality craftsmanship achieved by the beer stein experts at King.
King Werk beer steins are traditional German beer steins acclaimed for being handcrafted and handpainted ceramic pieces. They often feature iconic designs that have been used and loved by beer drinks for hundreds of years. With a rich history in ceramic production stretching over 200 years, King has produced desirable collectable pieces that make excellent gifts for those who appreciate traditional artefacts from German culture. With styles varying from simple designs to intricate ones, any of these traditional masterpieces will have you marveling at their elegant craftsmanship.

History of German Beer Steins

German beer steins have a unique and exciting history, beginning during the 14th century when a deadly plague swept Europe. To help contain the spread of the disease, German authorities imposed a rule requiring all citizens to cover their mugs with lids whenever they took drinks from public houses. This safety measure created an increased demand for traditional beer steins made in Germany, leading to an upsurge in their production and popularity. Beer steins remain highly sought after today, each crafted piece made with an intricate design or personal artwork that tells a story. Their history led steins to become a cultural symbol of heritage in Germany, which ushered in the creation of beer steins by local master craftsmen.

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