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German Wippel Figurines

Christmas wippel snowmann, 5 pieces, 4 cm / 2 inch, original Erzgebirge by Seiffener Volkskunst SV 17004

Item: SV 17004
German Wippel Figurines
The bottom of the Wippel figures is rounded. You can bounce back and forth, but they do not fall over. The small Wippels are manufactured in Seiffen in the Erzgebirge, Germnany.
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Seiffener Volkskunst

Each product is handmade in Saxony's Erzgebirge and has a two-year product warranty.

Manufacturer Seiffener Volkskunst
Weight gross:0.4 kg
Height:4 cm/1.6 inch
Width:3 cm/1.2 inch
Depth:3 cm/1.2 inch
Seiffener Volkskunst

The Company Seiffener Volkskunst eG was founded in 1958 by artisans of Seiffen. In 1959 they started with the production of original Erzgebirge crafts. They carved, turned, spanning trees were stung, items painted and mounted to Erzgebirge wood art figures. The range has been extended again and again in the following years. They manufactured not only nutcrackers, also different types of smokers, light figures Angel and Miner, pyramids and small arches and the later known Striezel children​​. Since 1992, the Seiffener Volkskunst eG is presented at numerous trade fairs. Apart from the traditional and original items, numerous new collections were created. The Seiffener Volkskunst eG is also member of the Association of Erzgebirge craftsman and toy manufacturers eV.

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