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Incense cones and accessories

Crottendorfer incense candle, variety pack, 24 pieces

Item: SV 14993 und MU 009/10020
Incense cones and accessories
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Manufacturer Crottendorfer
Weight gross:0.2 kg
Height:10.8 cm/4.3 inch
Width:6.2 cm/2.4 inch
Depth:1.8 cm/0.7 inch
Origin Made in Germany

The company is located in the small village Crottendorf, between Fichtelberg and Scheibenberg. The Crottendorfer GmbH has its origin in the small kitchen of the company founder Freya Graupner. In this space, the dough was mixed, kneaded and shaped the incense. In 1936 she applied for the business license. Previously, the incense were made by hand and offered himself on the markets. Soon the Crottendorfer brand became popular. To produce the incense cones it is needed charcoal, potato flour is mixed as a binder, sandalwood, red beech flour and some other ingredients to achieve flammability and finally the fragrance is added. In addition to the incense other substances from distant, exotic countries also add to the mash, such as amber, lavender, mastic or balsam of Peru. Thereafter, the candles are formed of this mash, then dried and packaged. Today there are many different incense cones in a variety of scents.

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