German Beer steins
Pewter beer steins

Bayern beer stein with a pointed lid 21 cm high

Item: NL 8643SD-Z
Pewter beer steins
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Die Neue Linie

This Pewter collection, in which the Bavarian feeling of life is reflected in finely crafted motifs. The Bavarian capital, next to the Patrona Bavaria and the land of Bavaria with its multifaceted richness.

Manufacturer Die Neue Linie
Weight gross:1.1 kg
Height:21 cm/8.3 inch
Width:13 cm/5.1 inch
Depth:8 cm/3.1 inch
Die Neue Linie

For more than 65 years the Neue Linie GmbH has been known worldwide for its tin program and its exclusive glass collections. All products are manufactured in Burgthann in Germany. Said in other words, all of them are Made in Germany.

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