Shield clocks
RH 7391-M
RH 7391-M

Black Forest shield clock 8 day running time by Rombach & Haas

Item: RH 7391-M
Shield clocks
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Rombach & Haas

It is made of wood, handmade in the Black Forest, Germany.
2 years product warranty

Manufacturer Rombach & Haas
Weight gross:4.7 kg
Height:35 cm/13.8 inch
Width:25 cm/9.8 inch
Depth:10 cm/3.9 inch
Origin Made in Germany
Rombach & Haas

The company Rombach & Haas with the “Romba” brand was founded in 1894. A former farmhouse was chosen as the location, which is located in the middle of Schonach in the Black Forest. The family business has been producing all kinds of Black Forest clocks for over 130 years. From 2006 onwards, Conny and Ingolf Haas made the company known for cuckoo clocks in a modern design. Ingolf Haas is also honorary chairman of the Schwarzwalduhr VdS association. The fifth generation now runs the traditional company with her daughter, the artist and designer Selina Kreyer (née Haas) and her husband Andreas. Rombach & Haas continues to manufacture all types of original Black Forest clocks, from the hand-painted lacquer shield clock to carved cuckoo clocks and chalet-style clocks to modern design cuckoo clocks. Always committed to tradition and authentic craftsmanship and always with fresh ideas.

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