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Bowl, handcrafted stoneware with wave decoration

Item: KI GT-S-21741
Handmade in the Kannenbaeckerland, Westerwald the German pottery. Made in Germany.
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High-quality clay masses are fired at a firing temperature of at least 1200 ° C to make them impermeable to water, even without glaze. The use of colored glazes creates another glass-like, closed surface layer of the body, which can be cleaned hygienically with simple means. The ceramic product thus not only receives its unique artistic design but also a double seal.
The young artist turns her dishes by hand on the potter's wheel or shapes them from clay plates. The clay for this comes locally from the Westerwald. The colorful decoration technique, which ensures that each piece has a unique character, has been developed over the last few years. Colored clay engobes are applied in different, monochrome shades with a brush and then further processed by hand, so that the typical, wave-like effect is created that makes each decor unique and individual. Each piece is finished with a transparent, glossy glaze coating. At a temperature of over 1200 degrees, the crockery items are fired on stoneware quality to make durable everyday items that can be used perfectly in everyday life. Everything is dishwasher and microwave safe.
As a trained ceramic designer, the artist also produces art objects in addition to her tableware, which are shown in exhibitions around the world. Several awards have been given to the young ceramic designer in recent years for her distinctive ceramic objects.

Manufacturer ISDD
Weight gross:0.5 kg
Height:0.5 cm/0.2 inch
Width:19 cm/7.5 inch
Depth:10.5 cm/4.1 inch
Origin Made in Germany

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