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Cup, handmade salt-glazed stoneware, gray with blue, perfect world

Item: KI GT-G-21482
Handmade in the Kannenbaeckerland, Westerwald the German pottery. Made in Germany.
Retail price: 40,00 USD
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What is a salt glaze? Salt firing is a speciality in the production process. The firing temperature is 1220 ° C. The firing kiln uses an open flame fueled with wood, oil or gas and thus achieves a surplus of carbon in the upper part of the kiln. When the highest temperature is reached common table salt is added through the outlets on the top of the kiln. The salt then crystalizes and because of the high temperature immediately fuses with the clay. This process results in that sodium of the salt merges together with the quarz of the clay to silicate. The production of high quality salt glazed stoneware needs, especially during the firing procedure, much more material, workmanship and energy expenditures than any other stoneware production process. This is the main reason why salt glazed items are much more expensive when you compare them with other stoneware products. Salt glazed items are valued by experts and collectors worldwide.
Salt-glazed ceramics comply with tested standards for food safety and are free of toxic additives, acid and alkaline proof, neutral in taste and completely waterproof, can be used in the microwave, dishwasher proof and stores heat and keeps cool.

Manufacturer ISDD
Weight gross:0.5 kg
Height:10.5 cm/4.1 inch
Width:7 cm/2.8 inch
Depth:11 cm/4.3 inch

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