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Cup, handmade salt-glazed stoneware

Item: KI GT-HK-22342
Handmade in the Kannenbaeckerland, Westerwald the German pottery. Made in Germany.
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Salt-glazed stoneware dishes, Red and Knibi techniques with cobalt decorations
Naive representation of a summer meadow and fence with chicken motifs.
The idyllic picture of this chicken paradise puts you in a positive mood for the day at the breakfast table in the morning. “The world is still all right here”.
The artist scratches the chicken motifs into the still moist shards with a wooden stick and then colored them by hand. Red, partly knibis decorations and cobalt blue edges harmoniously round off the colorful image of the various products.
The “chicken yard motif” reminds its owners every morning that productivity does not necessarily go hand in hand with lively activity. “Good things take time”, this is the only way that a chicken can lay an egg. The symbolism of chicken / egg is worldwide i.a. associated with life . A call to slow down and discover a new quality of life, this cheerful breakfast table reminds you of all of this.

Manufacturer ISDD
Weight gross:0.5 kg
Height:9 cm/3.5 inch
Width:10.5 cm/4.1 inch
Depth:8 cm/3.1 inch
Origin Made in Germany

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