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Cup, handmade salt-glazed stoneware

Item: KI GT-HK-22410
Handmade in the Kannenbaeckerland, Westerwald the German pottery. Made in Germany.
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Salt-glazed stoneware dishes, Red and Knibi techniques with cobalt decorations
The artist scratches the winter motifs into the still damp shards with a wooden stick and then colored them by hand. The cobalt blue background and the enamel painting with white engobe create a wonderful contrast that harmoniously rounds off the winter scenery.
Memories of childlike sleigh rides, building snowmen and the homely feeling of coming home and warming up with delicious food and drinks are awakened with this high-quality set.
Get that hyggeless feeling back!
There are 2 different cup variations available.
The front pictures draw a mood picture with a snowy landscape with an inviting house and a happy snowman or a snowy landscape with a snowman and a child playing on a sledge.
The respective backs are illustrated with either the moon and stars or a comet in the starry sky.
Ice cold nights reveal the heavenly bodies and tempt you to dream. The comet is a symbol of anticipation for the coming Christmas season.

Manufacturer ISDD
Weight gross:0.5 kg
Height:9 cm/3.5 inch
Width:10 cm/3.9 inch
Depth:7.5 cm/3.0 inch
Origin Made in Germany

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