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Saucer for cup, stoneware, ceramics with decor

Item: KI GT-B-21659
Handmade in the Kannenbaeckerland, Westerwald the German pottery. Made in Germany.
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Stoneware with engobes hand painting
Summer feeling The harmonious color design of the yellow-brown-gray engobe painting with a motif mix of stripes, squiggles, squares, dots, leaves, flowers, fish etc. enables the combination of different style elements with each other. Some of the painted motifs are slightly raised and palpable. Attractive table decorations are therefore always new, unique and unmistakable - but NEVER BORING - possible. The small morning breakfast place setting with a tea / coffee cup with a cereal bowl or breakfast plate turns into a summer tapas place setting with a juice mug and tapas plates. Due to the absolute sealing of the body, it can always be hygienically cleaned with simple means.

Manufacturer ISDD
Weight gross:0.5 kg
Height:2 cm/0.8 inch
Width:16 cm/6.3 inch
Depth:16 cm/6.3 inch
Origin Made in Germany

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