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Victorinox Swiss Knives

Victorinox Swiss Pocket Knife Handyman

Item: AH 1.3773
Victorinox Swiss Knives
Handles: Cellidor
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2 years product warranty.
1. large blade 68 mm/2.68 inch
2. small blade
3. corkscrew
4. can opener with
5. - small screwdriver 3 mm (also for Phillips screws)
6. cap lifter with
7. - screwdriver 6 mm
8. - wire stripper 9. reamer, punch
10. key ring
11. tweezers
12. toothpick
13. scissors
14. multi-purpose hook
15. wood saw
16. chisel
17. nailfile with
18. - metal file
19. - nail cleaner
20. - metal saw
21. fine screwdriver
22. pliers with
23. - wire cutters
24. - wire crimping tool

Manufacturer Victorinox
Weight gross:0.2 kg
Height:13 cm/5.1 inch
Width:0.3 cm/0.1 inch
Depth:0.3 cm/0.1 inch

The Swiss cutler Karl Elsener founded the Company Victorinox in 1884. He spent his time as a journeyman in Paris and in southern Germany. 1891 the Swiss cutler Association was founded on his initiative. The first product was a soldier's knife for the Swiss Army. This knife was a tool while eating and offered tools for the maintenance of guns. In 1897 the Swiss Officer's and Sport Knife was protected by law. This model later became known as the Original Swiss Army Knife worldwide. The Swiss Army Knife has evolved continuously and is now available in over 100 different designs.

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