KN 2518-92-02
KN 2518-92-02

Modern clock with 8 day running time from Kieninger

Item: KN 2518-92-02
8 day running time
Color: Black & Walnut burl
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2 years product warranty
Modern design in harmony with a classic cable movement. Case in fine black lacquer finish with walnut burl back panel, beveled crystal glass, genuine enamel dial 18 cm with second indication, milled Breguet-style hands, all visible accessory components chrome plated. Cable movement with 1/2-hour chime on coiled gong, run time 7 days, plate size 114 x 99 x 2,0 mm, pallet anchor with stationary escapement (Graham) and automatic beat adjustment, PS060 with maintaining power, second indication, strike shut-off and automatic night time shut-off between 10.00 PM and 7.00 AM.

Manufacturer Kieninger
Weight gross:23 kg
Height:83 cm/32.7 inch
Width:23.5 cm/9.3 inch
Depth:14 cm/5.5 inch

Masterpieces of German clock craft
In the year 2012 the Kieninger Clock Factory was celebrating its 100th anniversary. Kieninger wasfounded in 1912 in the BlackForest by Joseph Kieninger (1872-1936) und therefore isthe eldest existingmanufacturer of mechanical clock movements for grandfather-, wall- and mantel clocks in the world. Since 1917 the company has been located in Aldingen, a charming village just between Black Forest and Schwäbische Alb. Today, the company occupies a 54.000 square foot anufacturing facility, newly constructed in 1991 and employs about 50 dedicated and highly skilled workers and staff. In 1993, Kieninger became part of the Howard Miller Group (USA), the largest manufacturer of grandfather clocks in the world. From its very beginning Kieninger has stayed with its traditional concept - the manufacture of technically advanced, high-quality mechanical movements and clocks.This has proved successful and it is to no surprise, that today Kieninger is known for its craftsmanship and only the highest-quality products. Many Kieninger clocks are noted among the classics of the industry. With our line of selected, fine mechanical grandfather-, wall- and mantel clocks we offer unique and individually designed time pieces of the highest quality.

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